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Top 3 Hosting Plans

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# 1

Unlimited Storage
Unlimited Traffic
Visit BlueHost Coupon $3.95/mo

# 2

Unlimited Space
Unlimited Traffic
Visit HostMonster Coupon $3.95/mo

# 3

Unlimited Disk Space
Unlimited Traffic
Visit FastDomain Coupon $3.95/mo
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BlueHost Coupon $3.95 Per Month


Bluehost has a superb lineup for shared hosting.  Their standard package costs just under seven dollars.  When you factor in toll free support, live chat, server maintenance and data center costs, seven dollars really is a steal.  However, Bluehost recently began offering an even better rate to bring more customers on board.  For a very limited time, their shared plan is just $3.95 with our BlueHost Coupon.   That’s not a typo.

BlueHost Coupon $3.95 Special Promo Enter Here Now !!!

Does the sale mean the hosting offer is watered down?  One would think it would be.  But it isn’t in the slightest.  You get the same unlimited domain hosting, email, bandwidth, along with a site builder.  How can you go wrong?  Clearly you can’t for $3.95.

Now, experience dictates that one should not flock to the first coupon that flies into the hosting arena.  Most discount hosts are discount for a reason.  They are here today, gone tomorrow.  They offer deals which are good in the short-term, however, leave no room for sustained growth on a data center level.  You get what you pay for.   Quality is very important when it comes to hosting, both on your end and on the end of the company providing for you.  In the case of Bluehost though, they are able to offer this great deal due to an existing foundational base of loyal customers, and they want to share the joy with as many people as possible.

Some coupons offered on the internet are trying to make a quick dollar.   But in this economy, one can’t be too careful with anything.  It is nice to know that Bluehost’s $3.95 coupon comes with an additional safety net that few hosts offer: a money back guarantee.  So it is really two coupons in one.  A break to help with the economic woes that we all face plus a security blanket to make sure even that discounted payment is fairly received.

Let us dig a bit deeper into the value here, because it is quite extensive.  Website templates are expensive.  Even the simplest of them start at $25.  They usually average around $100 for a quality design.  Graphic designers aren’t cheap.  Bluehost comes with tons of templates built in free.   Which would you rather have:  a template and no hosting for $25 or approximately six months of hosting and tons of templates for the same cost?  And that is only one example.  That doesn’t even factor in the cost of making a template work.  Bluehost’s templates are pre-build into their editors which means they automatically work as you create your site.

And then there is the domain name.   We didn’t even mention that the $3.95 plan comes with a free domain name!  Domain names are registered entities on the internet, they cost money to acquire, and as of January, 2012 most registries around the world raised their registration rates.  Expect to pay anywhere from ten to thirty dollars per year for a domain registration.  Yet with the Bluehost coupon you get domain registration for free.  So now it is really a three way coupon.

Bottom line, if you want to kill several birds with one stone, the Bluehost coupon offer is just too good to pass up.  And what does one have to lose?  A money back guarantee, a great rate, a free domain:  now that is an offer.  We look forward to seeing what Bluehost has to offer in the future.

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BlueHost Discount

When you are looking for a web host provider, you better look for It is one of leading web host companies form the time of its birth around 1996. With its vast experience, they are knowledgeable with their customers needs. They are not the follower when it comes to web hosting, rather they are the leader. Bluehost always tries to innovate its services just to suit the different needs of their clients. One example of this is BlueHost discount that allows clients to sign up for only $3.95 per month. This is already a big thing for most especially with people engaged in e commerce since very cent is accounted for.

With such low price, rest assured that Bluehost will still deliver their top of the line services. You will still get to enjoy an uptime rate of 99.9%. Yup that’s right, a web host provider that assures their client of 99.9% uptime rate. What more can you ask for? This might sound too good to be true however different test can prove that this is so true. From the different test conducted, Bluehost always bounce back with almost the same result. Although there were times that they have experienced downtime, it is still too small to be even noticed. And the downtime is far smaller than that of the other web host providers. This real time monitoring from outside and independent companies are just proofs of Bluehost claim about their uptime rate.

This is just one aspect of Bluehost services and products. Just imagine what other stuffs can you get from your $3.95. A whole lot more, and when we say a lot, it is definitely plentiful. Not just like your standard web hosting but a promise of a great web hosting experience.

Where else can you find a company that provides not just one method of reaching them but a whole bunch of them. This is the commitment of Bluehost – to be able serve their customer to the best of their knowledge. The options that they have starts out with calling their toll free number which is open to serve you 24/7. Another method to reach Bluehost is to chat with one of their live representative. This option is also available 24/7.  Still another method is to send them an email or to open a support ticket from their panel board. Either way you chose be assured that you will receive a response in no time at all.

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BlueHost Technology

BlueHost has been in the business of providing web hosting services since 1996 and is still going strong. With over 1,000,000 customers across the globe, bluehost is one of the global leaders in web hosting technology. One of the stand-out advantages of using bluehost web hosting is their high quality services at reasonable rates. The bluehost coupon is a leading example of this. It gives customers a discount of $3.95 per month which is quite a bit considering what other web hosting services have to offer.

Value for money, however, is only one of the many advantages you get by using bluehost web hosting. Bluehost also boasts of one of the best technical support teams in the market. So any possible problem you may face will be sorted out efficiently and within a short span of time. With unlimited bandwidth, disk space and a host of other services, bluehost is now one of the top ranked web hosts in the world. Features like the site builder and free domain names make matters even more beneficial for bluehost clients. The following are a few of their services that set them apart from competition:

-          BlueHost offers a free domain name forever

-          It offers a website building tool that makes the job of a webmaster or administrator much easier

-          It gives you the freedom to use a single account to host multiple domains

-          It gives you access to an unlimited number of email accounts

-          Offers scripts such as MySQL, Ruby, SSH, FTP, CGI, Perl etc.

-          BlueHost offers 24/7 support

Sure, bluehost web hosting is one of the best web hosts out there. However, that alone is not enough to help you create a good website. The true secret of the success of bluehost is its proactive and helpful team of support staff. They are always online and help customers get over their glitches in no time. To go with all this quality and security, each package also comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. This assurance of quality is what makes every cent worth it. In fact, go through most reviews and expert comments and you will find that bluehost is one of the favorites amongst most of them.

Many people who have their own websites do not mind spending a bomb if they get the quality they are looking for. BlueHost offers the same quality and does not require you to burn a hole through your pockets. The bluehost coupon offering monthly discounts of $3.95 is more of a reason to opt for the service.

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Bluehost Features

Bluehost has been in web hosting industry since 1996. Bluehost web hosting offers 12 months and 24 months plan for affordable rates of $7.95 per month and $6.96 per month respectively. It offers plenty of features. However, you may not know whether all these features are really useful. This review intends to help you understand Bluehost features and their uses.

Unlimited disk space and bandwidth, free site builder, free domain name, CGI-Bin, Front page extensions, FTP access and SSI are the basic features offered by Bluehost. All web hosting companies offer a certain amount of storage space and bandwidth. In the beginning your website may need a small amount of disk space and bandwidth. However, you may want to add some files to your web pages in future. Hence, you need some extra disk space. Similarly, your website may receive small amount of traffic in the beginning. As your business grows, your website exceeds its monthly bandwidth limit and you need to buy more. Bluehost offers a great solution to this problem. Unlimited disk space and bandwidth means you can add any number of web pages at anytime and you never face the risk of exceeding the monthly bandwidth limit.

If you are new to the online world, you may worry about building a website. Bluehost’s free site builder relieves you from this worry. It is user friendly and makes it easy for you to build your website in the way you want. A free domain name is yet another useful feature offered by Bluehost. Domain name is the name used by your targets to locate you online. Bluehost allows you to get domain names that include your website name and the top level domain like .com and .org for free.

CGI (Common Gateway Interface) offers a way to connect your web pages to other programs that run on the server, which the visitors normally do not get access to.   CGI-Bin is an important feature offered by Bluehost that helps you keep CGI scripts.

Bluehost offers front page extensions, which allow your web pages to be published directly from the Front Page application. It helps streamline the process of publishing web pages. Bluehost also offers FTP access feature that helps transfer files from one host to another over the internet. Bluehost understands your need to establish your site as a reliable one. Hence, it offers SSL secure server feature, which helps you ensure your visitors that their sensitive information is well protected.

If you want to save some money while signing up for a Bluehost hosting plan, you just use Bluehost coupons. You can get Bluehost coupon easily online, which helps you get a special discount at $3.95 per month.

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Bluehost Review

Are you looking for a web hosting plan? Read this Bluehost review before signing up for a plan. You will get a lot of information about Bluehost and understand why Bluehost is the best web host for many people.

Bluehost was established in 1996 with four people with the mission to provide quality web hosting solutions at affordable rate to businesses and individuals. Over the years, it has grown up into a big company with 300 employees. Every month, around 20,000 new customers sign up for a Bluehost hosting plan.

Bluehost offers anytime money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with their hosting plan, you can contact them before 30 days and get back your full money. Bluehost offers a partial refund after 30 days. They deduct the amount of use and give your money back. For instance, if you sign up for a 24 month plan with Bluehost and cancel it after 4 months, you will get back the hosting fee for 20 months.

Bluehost offers three renewal options for your convenience- Auto renew 15 days before the expiry date, manual renew and do not renew. This feature is liked by many businesses, as it allows them to decide how to renew. Many web hosting companies do not offer you the option to stop auto renew, because they want you to continue with their plan. If you cancel that option, you will lose the money you have paid for the remaining hosting period. Bluehost offers you full control on billing. You need not pay for the hosting account that you no longer want to renew.

Free domains are one of the most beneficial features offered by Bluehost. You can get one free domain from Bluehost, no matter whether you want to register a new domain or transfer an existing domain. Many web hosts offer free domain name, only if you register a new one with them. Bluehost is the only web hosting company that allows you to get a free domain name even while transferring your primary domain name to them. You can avail of a domain name for free for the first year and you need to renew afterwards.

Bluehost supports WordPress. You can set up a site or blog easily and quickly with Bluehost’s one click Simple Scripts install. Bluehost also allows you to install several WordPress sites on the same web hosting account effortlessly.

Bluehost offers a 12 month hosting plan for an affordable rate of $7.95 per month and 24 month plan for $6.95 per month. You can get a special discount price of $3.95 per month by using Bluehost coupon. Using Bluehost coupon is very simple and it helps you host your website with Bluehost at cheaper rates.

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Bluehost CGI

Be it for an e-commerce website or otherwise, a good web hosting service is something you cannot do without. This is where a name like Bluehost comes into the picture. Bluehost is one of the most comprehensive web hosting services and what is more? It is quite reasonably priced compared to the rest. A single hosting plan combines a number of basic as well as advanced features. Some of these features include unlimited bandwidth, disk space along with free domain names, sites builder application etc. Yet another advantage of going for a Bluehost hosting in present times is the Bluehost coupon. Anyone with this coupon gets discounts of $3.95 per month.

Another advantage of using Bluehost for web hosting is the CGI databases on offer. In this review, we are going to get into the finer details of the CGI database features being offered by Bluehost. CGI stands for Common Gateway Interface. The database provides users with the means to offer services across the internet. This is done by dynamically producing various kinds of documents and responses to user messages and communication. Bluehost allows CGI programs to run in real time giving them an upper hand over ordinary HTML documents.

Some of the most common CGI features available with Bluehost include MySQL Databases, CGI-BIN, PostgreSQL Databases, CGI library, Perl 5, Ruby on Rails, Ruby, Javascript support, Flash support, DHTML Support, Shockwave support, Python and lots more. Apart from this, CGI database features with Bluehost also include other essentials such as PHP Nuke and help and support centers. This makes usage of CGI features much easier.

When speaking of CGI database features from Bluehost, one of the most common worries is that Bluehost limits CGI usage. However, this is nothing more than a myth. If the CGI scripts are not any risk to the server, Bluehost will not limit CGI usage. Bluehost has a comprehensive CGI-bin directory that holds all executable files which are summoned using CGI.

With so much on offer, it comes as no surprise that Bluehost is one of the most trusted web hosting services in the market. They have already earned the trust of 1,000,000 domains and still counting. If you are looking to make the most of Bluehost services, make sure you go for the Bluehost Coupon to get monthly discounts of $3.95. This is, in fact, the best way to make the most of all the CGI database features available with Bluehost services.

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BlueHost Unlimited Storage and Bandwidth

BlueHost has a very solid reputation in the web hosting industry and as a result the company has experience rapid growth since the business was established. They have many benefits when it comes to the webhosting they offer – whether you need them to host one site or multiple sites.

One of the best features BlueHost offers is unlimited storage and bandwidth for each of their accounts. This feature provides both financial benefits for you as the website owner but also a convenience factor that will save you time as well.

Blue Host Provides Unlimited Storage and Bandwidth

When you choose BlueHost as your web host, one of the features you will automatically receive with your package is unlimited storage and bandwidth. What does this mean to you? It means that you will be provided with all of the web storage space that your website could ever possibly need for one low price.

Another benefit of the unlimited storage and bandwidth is if you choose to add additional websites to your plan you will not be charged for them as well. This means that you can have multiple domains all on the same account for the same great price.

By having the unlimited storage and bandwidth you will also have the convenience of having all of your webhosting needs covered under one BlueHost account. You will not have to log into separate accounts or keep track of separate passwords. You can log into one account and manage all of your sites from one convenient location saving you valuable time and energy.

A Great Opportunity to Save: The BlueHost Coupon

Currently BlueHost is offering a sensational opportunity for you to see for yourself how great the service they provide is. Right now there is a BlueHost coupon where you can sign up for only $3.95 per month. BlueHost is so confident in their service that they are providing this rate for you to give them a try, which is a fraction of the price that you will get this service from anyone else.

BlueHost has worked very hard to provide the service features they have available for the convenience of each of their customers. Features like the unlimited storage and bandwidth only scratch the surface when it comes to all of the features they offer. With their countless features and amazing prices you cannot go wrong when you go with BlueHost.

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Bluehost Fantastico

Bluehost is one of the oldest names in technology servicing industries. Bluehost web hosting company was first incorporated in the year 1996, and since that time there is no turning back in providing quality hosting services to its subscribers. Bluehost provides hosting solution to all sorts of clients including individuals, small businesses and corporate.

Bluehost provides excellent functional tools to its subscriber. The most secured and reliable functional tools include Fantastico and Simple Scripts. Bluehost and Fantastico go very well together, just like peanut butter and jelly, Astaire and Rogers, Burns and Allen or to be more relevant to the subject; it is like MySQL and PHP.

To be more précise and to put it in simple words, Bluehost is the web hosting company while Fantastico is one of the most interesting features. When Bluehost and Fantastico are together, there is no doubt they help their subscriber to make their website do all sorts of implausible things. Those who sign up with Bluehost will get a Bluehost cpanel account. Inside the Bluehost control panel, there are lots of scripts that the subscribers can set up. With the help of the Fantastico installer, the script installation can be done easily and it also helps to retain the scripts for the latest version. This is one of the most general purposes of using Fantastico installer. Bluehost Fantastico provides lot of free scripts for the subscribers. If you want to install any of the script such as WordPress blog, Joomla, PHP-Nuke, Nucleas blog, b2evolution blog, Drupal, Mambo Open Source, Geeklog, phpWCMS, Post-Nuke, help center live, make use of Bluehost Fantastico, so that the installation is complete within few simple steps.

Simple Scripts is yet another installer like Fantastico that is offered by Bluehost. Bluehost simple scripts is graduated and matured as it is the sole installer tool to setup Php scripts. To enhance the functionality and features of your website, you can choose from the huge variety of scripts that is available within Simple Scripts. Adding a forum or blog to your website is no more a daunting task, you can do it in few clicks with Bluehost Simple Scripts.

The hosting services of Bluehost are available at an affordable price to its subscribers. With the introduction of the Bluehost coupon, you can avail their services at a price of $3.95 per month. One of the biggest discount offers from Bluehost is their web-hosting plan at the low price of $3.95 per month. Hurry up, signup with Bluehost, and grab their Bluehost coupon.

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BlueHost Website Design Software

BlueHost is a web hosting company that came into being in 1996. It has enjoyed the status of being the most popular web host since many years now. The reason for this is that bluehost had created a few milestones on its way to become the number one choice of bloggers around the world when they wanted their blogs hosted.
One of them and perhaps the most important of all was that bluehost offered unlimited domains, storage space and email accounts –all at no extra price. They were the first ones to do this when all other web hosts would charge a hefty fee to offer all these services and still have limits on them. The company now hosts more than a million domains and the numbers are just increasing. This can be alluded to the bluehost coupon that offers new sign-ups a chance to a cheaper web hosting experience at only $3.95 per month.
BlueHost is a simple web host to work around with. After the initial sign-up and registration, a new blogger can easily build his site. In case, the user does not have the technical knowledge to create a new site, he can seek assistance from the very responsive customer care. They can be reached through emails and phone calls. They have uploaded more than 60 video tutorials for the ease of the customer.
However, the chances of someone needing help are a bit less. This is thanks to all the brains used in all the software that are already part of the web hosting package. One of them is the bluehost website builder. Now to create your website, you would not be required to pay an expensive website designer. Just follow the instructions and through the website builder you can make your own site without spending a dime. The simple, drag and drop functions are a child’s play.
BlueHost offers another option to its customers. A blogger can choose to get his site designed professionally from their partners Glowtouch web design company, for a fee of $99. There are three more web design packages available which the user can choose from.
BlueHost has carved a niche for itself in the world of web hosting. Their superior product combined with excellent service has won then accolades from all parties. A new promotion, bluehost coupon is currently being offered by the firm. The new users can sign up to host their blogs with them for a discounted fee of only $3.95.

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BlueHost Java, Shockwave and Flash Support


Bluehost is a web-hosting giant that was formed in 1996. Since then it has come a long way and updates itself to move with the changing times. It was a pioneer in the web hosting world with features like unlimited storage space, unlimited domain names and very cost effect web hosting plan.

Anyone can easily become a part of the Bluehost success story by using the Bluehost coupon if they want to host their blog. If the coupon is used, the user pays a discounted price of $3.95 per month instead of the higher fee.

Those who are new to the world of site building, there is good news. The Bluehost package includes a website builder which is a great help to those who lack the technical know how to make a website. The firm is supported by an efficient customer care that assists the users of Bluehost with quick service, regardless of the fact if you are hosting a personal website or if yours is a business powerhouse.

Bluehost provides new technology to its users. As a result, it supports JavaScript, Shockwave, Flash, DHTML, Python, PHP 5, PHP.INI files, Ruby, and SimpleScripts. DHTML is the short form of Dynamic HTML (HyperText Markup Language). This is a set of programs that help design animated websites that are interactive in nature. JavaScript, PHP and Python are programming languages. Shockwave is again a program to make web pages animated and interactive.

Bluehost provides a whole range of features with its web-hosting plan. There work with Linux Operating System and offer audio and video support. There is a reason why millions of bloggers around the world have turned to Bluehost to host their blogs. Perhaps, what really make them work out so well for customers are their super fast servers that can take the load of so many users.

Bluehost also does courtesy backups of the websites. However, it recommends that users manually backup their content regularly in case of a system crash or site crash. Periodically backing up the site content ensures that there is no loss of data if there is some catastrophe. If the user has the content he can always build his site from scratch without much ado.

Bluehost offers the much sought after Bluehost coupon that offers a discounted price of $3.95 per month to the new customers. If you are planning to host your site on Bluehost, you can take advantage of this coupon.

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